The Liberty Queen

from by Bill 'n' Bob

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The Liberty Queen is a song about a bee. It's not a story about the romantic tribulations of some unassuming comincbook hero, nor a tale of communal awakenimg and environmental realisation through what is now the fashionable hobby of urban beekeeping. It's just a simple story about a worker bee who, unhappy with his view and lot in the hive, started a revolution.

To start a revolution in a beehive, however, is no small task, and to do this he had to seek the aid of an unmated female bee, known as a "virgin bee", who also became the object of his affection. At that time, and as virgin bees are known to do, she was violently competing with other virgin bees for the throne, which of course turned our simple worker bee on immensely. Withholding his deepest lustful desires, he approached her with his plan, and luckily, she also happened to share his socialistic ideals. An unstoppable force was forged.

You see, if one wishes to revolt in a beehive, a virgin bee is key, as they can be extremely influential if provided with certain nutrients, which after consuming allow virgin bees to release powerful pheromones, intoxicating the labouring hordes, bending them to any whim. Our bee was no bird-brain, and he successfully managed to smuggle her just these nutrients, making her even stronger and more beautiful than any bee could imagine. She became the Liberty Queen.

Every revolution has its own Liberty Queen.

Together they amassed huge amounts of delicious bee propaganda, which engaged the support of the vast majority of the other worker bees, eventually leading to the abolishment of the conservative monarchy, and the birth of a new egalitarian bee-government. Yet honourably, and as is expected in any democratic revolution, our virtuous couple relinquished their control and divided the power equally between all bees, creating the first bee-senate, and a bee-parliament, divided into upper and lower hives.

Sadly though, this is no Disney movie, and our seemingly innocent and utopian couple, along with the rest of the hive, did not live happily ever after. Understandably, not every bee was content with their role and function within the hive, wanting more or less responsibility, and once the social hierarchy was squashed, and every bee became every other bees' equal, arguments erupted, quickly dissolving into protests and then riots.

This period of destabilisation lasted for hours (which actually would have felt like years in human terms since bees have extremely short lifespans, and hence experience their world at a raid pace). Towards the end factions of politically frustrated yet aligned bees evolved, each vying for the realestate at the top of the hive, since this was considered to have better views, in bee perspective.

One such faction's premise, devised by the some of the most entrepreneurial bees, was the notion that perhaps honey should not be the sole commodity of the hive, and that they should explore other areas of revenue. This lead to a disastrous era of diversification, culminating in an ingenious weapons program using honey derivatives. Unfortunately, they decided to test these weapons too close to the hive at the base of the tree between whose branches the hive rested. The tree was poisoned and eventually fell.

There is no moral to this song.


from Obsession In Absentia, released November 4, 2013



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Bill 'n' Bob Sydney, Australia

Bill 'n' Bob are a Sydney based 2-piece band that is focused on achieving the most sound and energy from a tight little line- up. With dabblings of blues, rock, punk and disco, their debut EP Obsession In Absentia showcases their broad capabilities of simple grooves and catchy melodies that will get your heart started and your feet moving. But the Bill 'n' bob sound is best enjoyed live and loud! ... more

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